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Thursday 4Play!

Hey everyone! It’s that time again for Thursday 4Play! This weeks category is ‘political’. I feel I shouldn’t be so opinionated to only post images that I agree with, so here are a few funny political images that are not necessarily my point of view:

Okay, you know what, I’m sorry, but I had to comment on this photograph. Mother fucker is an idiot and I most definitely love-making fun of his mistakes. Obviously, I love this quote; not because it’s great but because it shows that you can be an ignorant piece of shit running the United States of America only because of who you’re related to and still gain respect. Congrats on being a dip shit and still making half of America (the dumb, uneducated half) love you!…Mr. President.

Fact. Moving on.

Okay, so fuck it, I am going to be opinionated. He doesn’t just make himself out to be an ignorant asshole, he also scares children. Take note.

If you still don’t get it, I’m highly disappointed. They are both FULL OF SHIT.

Okay, so I fucking lied. I tried to be open-minded but I just couldn’t handle it. The other shit that was supposed to be funny and insult democrats was either unable to understand intellectually or just plain fucking stupid. My photos were so much better and I felt they deserved to be shared. If you dislike, let me know. But honestly, I don’t really give a shit.


[VIDEO] Occupy Cal Berkeley 11/9/11

Many students at Cal State University Berkeley were protesting and faced some brutality coming from the police which was, in my opinion, uncalled for. The administration on campus had said it would not tolerate these protests which led to the police even being involved in the first place. Having a campus like Berkeley not allow its students to protest in regards to issues they feel strongly about seems rather unethical.

The encampment, approved in a nearly unanimous general assembly vote by the protest’s participants, was formed to show solidarity with the national Occupy movement but focused on the increased privatization of the UC system, according to Amanda Armstrong, a UC Berkeley head steward for UAW Local 2865 — a union representing graduate student instructors — and organizer of the event.

This movement is not going to just end because the police are acting defensively, in fact, this is giving those protesters ammunition to keep fighting for their right and freedoms as citizens of the United States Of America. We live her and appreciate our freedoms, but we also have the right to speak up and have our voices heard when we don’t agree with the economical and political decisions being made by those in charge.

Sadly there were arrests in Berkeley, but this doesn’t come as a shock. Hopefully fewer people are hurt and more changes are made so we stop seeing our peers being jailed and injured because they want change in our country.


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Woman Disfigured After Meth Lab Explosion Caught Making Meth AGAIN

Heather Raybon, 31, was already in a lot of trouble after the first illegal meth lab that she was at, blew up, and disfigured her face completely. In 2004, her face was left with burn scars making her rather unattractive. You would think something like this would teach one a lesson. Unfortunately, she was caught AGAIN manufacturing the drug in another illegal meth lab.

Police raided a trailer in Milton, Florida, trying to serve a warrant to Brian Mauldin when they came upon Ms. Raybon. A chemical smell was so strong that police were well aware of the illegal activity that was taking place. These dumbass meth heads also left all of their drug paraphernalia in plain view, which gave officers enough evidence to take them in right then and there.

Detectives also found 13 grams of meth powder, 32 grams of meth oil and an active ‘one pot’ meth lab that the couple had attempted to hide.

A small metal pill bottle was found in Raybon’s purse. Its contents allegedly tested positive for meth.

Fire crews were called to the trailer home to dismantle the active lab due to the threat of fire or explosion.

Raybon and William Hindall, 30, who was inside the trailer, were arrested and charged with trafficking methamphetamine, possession of felony drug equipment and possession of listed chemicals to manufacture meth.

Even after receiving multiple facial surgeries within seven years, Raybon was so hooked on methamphetamine that she was willing to risk her life, yet again, to make this disgusting drug. I guess when you disfigure your face as bad as she had and hooked on meth, not much else matters.

The whole irony of this situation is that the police are still looking for Mauldin, the gentleman they came to arrest. Lesson here, don’t make fucking meth. Not only is it dirty, addicting and dangerous, it almost always leads to being arrested. And could you imagine going to prison looking like Ms. Raybon?


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