Teacher Packs 2 Beers And Plum In Lunchbox Before Crashing Her Car In School Lot

A teacher from Lee County was apparently under the influence when she had a minor crash in the parking lot of the Dunbar Middle School where she was currently employed. Christine Murgueytio was driving her white Kia when she hit another car that was parked in the school lot.

The SRO told deputies that Murgueytio might have been impaired because an eyewitness had said that she was stumbling and that her speech was “thick tongued.”

Ms. Murgueytio had told police that she was seemingly intoxicated due to the Ambien that she had taken the night before. After being asked to do a field sobriety test, the teacher agreed but asked that she be taken to the back lot where co-workers and students wouldn’t see this happening. Unfortunately, she failed all four tests and was taken into custody based upon those results.

And as the deputy was gathering her things from her car, according to the arrest report, he found two beer cans in her lunch box next to some uneaten plums.

This drunken teacher has also provided a urine sample that was placed into evidence and has bailed out on bond. Fortunately, this teacher was caught doing something most Americans can understand, being drunk. Unlike most of her peers who are sleeping with students these days, she seems rather tame.

She was just trying to keep her buzz on at school, hence the beers in her lunchbox. She only brought two, which I believe should be taken into consideration. I mean, hell, if that was me, I would have brought an entire 12-pack and possibly parked on top of another vehicle as opposed to having a minor accident.

Although, we could also choose to believe that Ms.Murgueytio was attempting to give her students a life lesson in drinking and driving and the repercussions of your actions. And for that, I was to applaud her actions.


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