[VIDEO] Man Attacks Stranger With Machete Inside A Restaurant And Caught On Camera

WARNING: Graphic Content

New Jersey cops were trying to find three suspects who attacked innocent bystanders the other night, and had to ultimately use FaceBook to assist them in finding their suspects. The three men were caught on camera attacking two different men at a chicken shack back in September.

Tyree Seegers, 22, turned himself in on Wednesday, just five days after the Paterson police department’s Cease Fire Unit posted surveillance video of the ruthless attacks on its Facebook page, CBS New York reported.

Police say he couldn’t hide after the footage went viral.

“We turned to Facebook for help,” Paterson Police Capt. Heriberto Rodriguez told CBS. “Seegers turned himself in because he felt all this pressure from everywhere.”

The other two suspects are Omar Villota, 22, and Johel Gomez, 20, who were seen int he video pistol-whipping the victim who is trying to flee the scene and avoid being targeted. Luckily Seegers only managed to hit the victim one time, and also maimed his own friend during this attack, almost severing his hand.

The fact that this incident occurred around 4am leads me to believe the three men were intoxicated, and it’s quite disturbing that this is what they choose to do on a night out. First of all, why the hell are you carrying around a goddamn machete? That’s not a weapon you use to protect yourself with, and certainly shouldn’t be operated by a drunk angry idiot like Seeger. Pathetic. Luckily, the victims weren’t too badly injured and survived this vicious attack.


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