Man Tried To Light Fiance On Fire After She Refused Him Money For Alcohol

The 31-year-old man from Orlando, Florida, John Luther, was apparently pissed that his fiance refused him money for more alcohol, and decided he would seek revenge.

Mr. Luther poured gas onto his fiance’s head before setting the pillow she was sleeping upon, on fire. If he thought that she would for some reason change her mind by being set on fire, he was wrong.

His fiancée was able to escape being burned and 31-year-old Luther beat out the flames with his hands before storming out of the house to go drinking.

His fiancée then fell asleep on the couch, and was later woken by Luther when he returned, who told her their home was on fire and full of smoke.

After police had arrived on the scene, they became suspicious of the circumstances due to the fact that the female smelled of gasoline. The woman was instructed to say nothing by her fiance who just attempted to kill her, but fortunately, the police still arrested Luther on suspicion of arson.

The story seems like it would end here, but shortly after he was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor burns to his hands, he tried to escape…twice.

The first time he was found by a nurse who followed a trail of blood left by his IV line and the second time police found him waiting for a taxi outside the hospital emergency room.

Police charged Luther with attempted first-degree murder, arson of a dwelling, and violation of probation on a previous conviction in Lake County for trafficking in stolen property. 

Court records show pasts arrests for domestic violence. Luther remains held without bail in the Orange County Jail.


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