‘Heroin For Sale’: Unwanted Problem or Great Marketing?

After a few people in an Oregon Community decided they were sick of their neighbors peddling drugs, they went about it themselves to exterminate the issue.

With the drug problem and a lack of police action, neighbours on the 3900 block of North Massachusetts Avenue distributed ‘heroin for sale’ fliers that listed the names and addresses of the alleged drug dealers.

Portland police said they had been watching the home for close to a year, after getting numerous complaints from neighbours.

Okay, so you knew about it and received complaints, but could make no arrest? But ironically, when fliers pop up from the same neighbors who made complaints, you’re able to arrest them? Why is it that verbal complaints that only you hear go unrecognized, while written complaints that are publicized around the city for all to see suddenly makes them eligible for arrest?

But after a resident handed one of the fliers to a Portland police officer, investigators sprang into action and raided the home.

At the home, police found a portable meth lab, 10.9 grams of heroin, 19.2 grams of marijuana, 190 assorted pills and $4,143 in cash, police said.

Six people were arrested that were considered to be involved in the dealing, which included: Joseph Baron,59; Shari Baron,58; Todd Christie, 42; Suzanne Johnson, 36; Barry Frost, 34; and Steven Davis, 34. And what a lovely bunch, they are.

Apparently a 15-year-old was also present at the time, but that child was put into protective custody. I’m guessing in that home by the age of 15, that kid was already way more submersed in that world than people would like to think.



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