Father Teaches 17-Month-Old Son A Lesson By Placing Him In Oven

Gregory Colver Jr. has a sick way of “teaching” his kid a lesson. In fact, it’s typically known as child abuse. Apparently the 17-month-old toddler was banging his hand on a door while his idiot father was cooking a pizza.

Either reason I can think of for Mr. Colver Jr.’s anger towards his child, is absolutely pathetic. He could have been pissed that he was being interrupted…for making a pizza; Which, quite frankly, doesn’t take much attention or skill. Or the father was trying to teach his son a lesson because he was hitting. Again, this just seems rather hypocritical, and in turn, pathetic.

For whatever reason you may think you have, putting your child into an oven and dropping him on the scorching hot coils after he tried to wriggle from the heat, is just not justifiable.

The boy suffered second and third-degree burns that doctors concluded were caused by a ‘hot, linear object’, District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

This asshole then tried to cover up the fact that he had been a complete shit head and told the police that his toddler was a genius, because he’d sure as hell have to be to wander into the kitchen himself, open the oven, turn it on, and crawl inside. Unfortunately, the kid was not a genius, his father was just a complete moron.

The baby’s mother, and woman who stayed with the stupid father, told a different story, which ultimately led to further investigation and an arrest. Luckily, she had sense enough to do that and not protect the child abuser.

He was given credit for time served on Friday, so will only have to spend around two more months in jail.

He must also undergo five years of supervised probation and will have to attend parenting classes and counselling, Judge John Grandsaert said.

Funny how Colver gets ONLY two years. Then there’s Mr. William Ayres who molested numerous children while taking advantage of his position as a child psychiatrist, and he’s out free because there was no room in a mental hospital. The sentences for criminal cases involving children seem rather small, don’t you think? Maybe this is the reason there are so many criminals, maybe their tormentors received little to no punishment for their crimes.


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