Michigan Country Club Bans Richard Dawkins From Speaking After Discovering He Was An Atheist

To not know that Richard Dawkins is an atheist, but to book him for a speaking arrangement, is absolutely hilarious. You clearly show that your intelligence is lacking. And if it has nothing to do with intellect than it’s just a lack of doing your job properly. If you would like to INVITE someone to come to your place of business and speak, then you should have at least the slightest idea of what exactly it is they do. This man is a notorious Atheist who has been prominent in getting the message of Atheism out into the public’s eye.

In fact, I want to credit Mr. Dawkins, as well as one of my professors at Los Angeles Valley College, with introducing me to Atheism as well as encouraging me (through Dawkins books) to continue on educating myself so that I could make an educated decision about my religious beliefs.

After Mr. Dawkins appearance on The O’Reily Factor (video below), one of the top members of the club learned of Dawkins harsh critiques of religion and decided he would not be a good speaker and no longer wanted him to attend. Mr. Dawkins has said, ‘If the country club had said, “I’m not having Dawkins speak because he’s a Jew, or because he’s black, or because he’s gay,” they would never get away with it.’

Here is the video of Bill O’Reily being extremely ignorant and making points that are well, invalid. I’ll further explain my disgust with his claims after the video:

My frustration with this video comes from the point that Mr. Bill O’Reily tries to make with religion giving humanity morality. Yes, religion does have the ten commandments and teach moral values, but it shouldn’t be the reason that you act morally. If you are willing to act immoral without religion being present, than you are a bad person, period. I am an atheist that thinks ‘thou shall not kill’, not because it’s in the bible, but because I have respect for my fellow-man. I CHOOSE to not lie to those around me because I know the hurt that it will cause and the damage it is capable of doing. Religion is not what taught me that, my love for my friends and family is what has taught me this.

You as an individual person, void of religion, should want to be the very best you. If it takes religion to keep you from doing things that society would look down on, you need to do some serious self-evaluation. I would much rather hang around a bunch of atheists who have their own moral code than a group of religious people who are using the bible and God to stay on the straight and narrow. Do not misunderstand me and think because I have just said this that I do not like religious people, because I do, I love some. My family as well as my girlfriend, who I plant to spend my life with, are religious and I completely respect them for their beliefs. Just because I don’t choose to be religious does not mean that I dislike anybody who is. I just dislike some of what it has done to our society.

Religion has been behind the hatred of homosexuals for quite some time. Although some religions have become more accepting and even aiding in fighting for equal rights for homosexuals, there are still those extremists who refuse to believe that I am just as human and deserving of life as they are because of their interpretation of the bible. This, is not good moral judgment, in my opinion. Everyone, of every religion or non-religion, should have respect for fellow mankind.



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