Mom Forces Son To Kill His Hamster With Hammer Over Bad Grades

A teacher at an elementary school noticed that one of her 12-year-old students had scratches on his neck and notified authorities. Soon after they discovered something more gruesome about this family and the twisted way the boy’s mother had punished him due to bad grades.

Lynn Middlebrooks Geter, 38, wasn’t too pleased with her son’s report card and instead of hiring a tutor or grounding him from video games, she did something much more heinous. This mother from Warm Springs, Georgia, made her son kill her own pet hamster… with a hammer.

Seeing as the kid was pretty damn traumatized by this incident, he told his teacher the very next day after she had noticed the scratches on her neck.

The teacher called social workers, who in turn called the Meriwether County sheriff’s department. For her visionary parenting strategies, Geter is now in jail for animal cruelty, child cruelty and battery.

Apparently this psycho bitch has many supporters who defend her actions. They bring insight to the fact that she was the PTA president, great mom (HA), and even a dedicated cleaning lady for her local church. Despite all those facts (and one opinion), there is still the fact that she made her son brutally kill an animal that he loved. That was surely emotionally damaging and doesn’t fall under the characteristic of a great mom, in my opinion.


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