Betty White: “…grow a Vagina, those things take a pounding!”

I absolutely adore this woman! Not only does she say whatever the fuck she wants, but she does so at an age that most would expect her to br prudish and uptight. And personally, I agree with this statement. I have never seen a man cry so hard as when he gets slapped in his nuts. Not closed hand, punched in the nuts, but bitch slapped. Those sorry asses go down so fast and roll around on the ground as if we ripped their dicks off.

When I get slapped in the vagina, I get pissed. I don’t fall to the floor and cry about it. I have no intention of growing balls so that I can be easily diminished to a sobbing fool by an enemy, fuck that. I suggest you lose yours and grow a damn vagina so you at least appear to act like a man as opposed to a little bitch.

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10 Responses to Betty White: “…grow a Vagina, those things take a pounding!”

  1. mangina says:

    excellent writeup, for a fat-lesbian who is pissed because she can’t get a date…heck, even for a dumb-slut that is determined she is independent, even though her dad, hubby or bf is paying the rent as she types her independent minded dribble.

    • Kelli says:

      Thanks for the compliment! As for all the other bullshit you were proud to write after that, you are sadly mistaken little boy. First of all, I’m a pretty lesbian and not ashamed to say so. No, I’m not egotistical or stuck up, but as far as lesbians are concerned, I’d like to be proud of the fact that I take pride in my appearance, work out and am pretty fucking fit. Secondly, I have a girlfriend that I’ve lived with for 5 years now. We pay all of our bills ourselves, have great jobs in the television industry, go on vacations, live in a great neighborhood and can afford many things that we want on our OWN income.

      As far as you, you’re a pathetic piece of shit who judges me based on one article you managed to read. Which, quite frankly, shocks me. The fact that you’re capable of reading and writing is something you should be proud of considering how ignorant you really are. And again, thank you for the compliment :)

    • charles says:

      Male here, and yet i agree with Betty, any time a man gets nut shot, even grazed, he’s down, but guys pound that vagina day in and day out and instead of being reduced to wimpering or crying, they enjoy it. Seems like you are just some young kid who doesn’t see the comedy in what Betty says, true as it may be

      • Kelli says:

        Hi Charles. First off, I am not a young kid and was being sarcastic in my write-up on Betty White’s quote. I’d like you to be aware that I do find what Betty White said, to be funny, hence the reason i posted this on my blog. I suggest you attempt to better understand the sarcasm as opposed to belittle me and suggest that I am a child who lacks understanding.

  2. Lamarr says:

    Hey Kelli. Good for you. Before all else,we are human beings. I bet you and your partner are great people. I don’t know you and although it’s no ones business, I’m straight. But I have one thing to say to you. Loved your last comment. Have a great life. Give your partner a hug and say Lamarr says hi.

    All The Best. X

  3. Kelli says:

    Thanks so much Lamarr! I really appreciate it :) Thanks for reading!!

    • Lamarr says:

      You’re welcome. Apparently, she never said it though. Regardless of that I felt that you put your point across really well and I felt like giving you some love.

      Much Love to You

  4. Ed Tinkertrain says:

    mangina, You need to grow a pair of fallopian tubes!!! I am a homosexual male, I feel bad for Kelli. She has done nothing to you! You know that it’s true about us men getting hit in the balls. If nobody else besides Lamarr will take a stand for Kelli or Ms. White, I will be glad to. mangina, I really hope that we meet in prison. I’ll show you a thing or two. I’m willing to sacrifice my own health and life, in the name of Kelli’s saftey. We love you Kelli.

  5. 5^(((((35)^2)/8)*74))^-1 says:

    So this post was written last year but that’s irrevelant. Here are my responses:

    #1 – so what if we go down when we get any hit to the balls. There’s a tricky part to it though: it’s when and if we get hit. Unlsess you’re some masochist mangina piece of shit, you’ve probably developed a reflex that protects that area. Just like you have a reflex for when you’re falling, touch something hot, get shocked, etc. Doesn’t mean that you can never get hit there but it still helps a lot. Not like it’s hard to spot the intention beforehand. I’d say it’s sort of a constipated look complimented with a smile. Also, they have to look down first, then hit, and if they don’t look down, they might miss.

    #2 – who’d want a vagina? Women that’s who. And like Betty said: “Those things take a pounding!” So I don’t see why it’s a good thing for a man to have a vagina, even if it’s metaphorically/sarcastically/figuratively speaking.

    #3 – to that prick who threatened another person through the internet: go shove a rat up your ass. You’ll probably like it at first but please do it until you hemorrhage and die.

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