Audio Recording Of Michael Jackson (Obviously) On Drugs, Very Eerie

Today in court, audio recordings that were taken by Mr. Conrad Murray, were played for the jury as well as others in the court room. He is obviously sedated to some degree. Although prosecutors claim he is on Propofol, Murray’s lawyer is claiming that because he is awake, it is a much more mild sedative.

The transcription is somewhat hard to see and understand, but he is talking about his children and children all over the world. He wants to use the money from his “This Is It” tour to open a Children’s Hospital with a game room and movie theatre. He claims he has such love for his children and others because he never was able to have a childhood himself.

I respect this man as one of the most creative musicians of all time, but I do believe he was messed up beyond our comprehension. The fame that was forced upon him by his father had ruined this young man and made his life a sad and lonely one.

The recording is odd because Mr. Jackson sounds NOTHING like himself. Listen for yourself:

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