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Mom Forces Son To Kill His Hamster With Hammer Over Bad Grades

A teacher at an elementary school noticed that one of her 12-year-old students had scratches on his neck and notified authorities. Soon after they discovered something more gruesome about this family and the twisted way the boy’s mother had punished him due to bad grades.

Lynn Middlebrooks Geter, 38, wasn’t too pleased with her son’s report card and instead of hiring a tutor or grounding him from video games, she did something much more heinous. This mother from Warm Springs, Georgia, made her son kill her own pet hamster… with a hammer.

Seeing as the kid was pretty damn traumatized by this incident, he told his teacher the very next day after she had noticed the scratches on her neck.

The teacher called social workers, who in turn called the Meriwether County sheriff’s department. For her visionary parenting strategies, Geter is now in jail for animal cruelty, child cruelty and battery.

Apparently this psycho bitch has many supporters who defend her actions. They bring insight to the fact that she was the PTA president, great mom (HA), and even a dedicated cleaning lady for her local church. Despite all those facts (and one opinion), there is still the fact that she made her son brutally kill an animal that he loved. That was surely emotionally damaging and doesn’t fall under the characteristic of a great mom, in my opinion.


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Steve Jobs Has Officially Died!!!

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc., has been reported as dead. On Apple’s Home Page, there is a dedication to the man that made Apple what it has become today, the richest company in America and the only true competitor in technology advancement.

From the Wall Street Journal -

“Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives,” Apple said in a statement. “The world is immeasurably better because of Steve.”

His family, in a separate statement, said Mr. Jobs “died peacefully today surrounded by his family…We know many of you will mourn with us, and we ask that you respect our privacy during our time of grief.”

During his more than three decade-long career, Mr. Jobs transformed Silicon Valley as he helped turn the once sleepy expanse of fruit orchards into the technology industry’s innovation center. In addition to laying the groundwork for the modern high-tech industry alongside other pioneers like Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates and Oracle Corp. founder Larry Ellison, Mr. Jobs proved the appeal of well-designed intuitive products over the sheer power of technology itself and shifted the way consumers interact with technology in an increasingly digital world.

Unlike those men, however, the most productive chapter in Mr. Jobs’ career occurred near the end of his life, when a nearly unbroken string of innovative and wildly successful products like the iPod, iPhone and iPad fundamentally changed the PC, electronics and digital media industries. The way he marketed and sold those products through savvy advertising campaigns and its retail stores, in the meanwhile, helped turn the company into a pop culture icon.

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Betty White: “…grow a Vagina, those things take a pounding!”

I absolutely adore this woman! Not only does she say whatever the fuck she wants, but she does so at an age that most would expect her to br prudish and uptight. And personally, I agree with this statement. I have never seen a man cry so hard as when he gets slapped in his nuts. Not closed hand, punched in the nuts, but bitch slapped. Those sorry asses go down so fast and roll around on the ground as if we ripped their dicks off.

When I get slapped in the vagina, I get pissed. I don’t fall to the floor and cry about it. I have no intention of growing balls so that I can be easily diminished to a sobbing fool by an enemy, fuck that. I suggest you lose yours and grow a damn vagina so you at least appear to act like a man as opposed to a little bitch.

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Audio Recording Of Michael Jackson (Obviously) On Drugs, Very Eerie

Today in court, audio recordings that were taken by Mr. Conrad Murray, were played for the jury as well as others in the court room. He is obviously sedated to some degree. Although prosecutors claim he is on Propofol, Murray’s lawyer is claiming that because he is awake, it is a much more mild sedative.

The transcription is somewhat hard to see and understand, but he is talking about his children and children all over the world. He wants to use the money from his “This Is It” tour to open a Children’s Hospital with a game room and movie theatre. He claims he has such love for his children and others because he never was able to have a childhood himself.

I respect this man as one of the most creative musicians of all time, but I do believe he was messed up beyond our comprehension. The fame that was forced upon him by his father had ruined this young man and made his life a sad and lonely one.

The recording is odd because Mr. Jackson sounds NOTHING like himself. Listen for yourself:

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A Toilet Motorcycle That Literally Runs On Shit

Japan has some of the most outrageous inventions I have ever heard of, but this one is just fucking weird. Who in the world is going to drive around with their pants down, ingesting foods that intentionally make them unload their bowels just to get to a friend’s house or work? Granted, I would probably do this because although food does cost money, much like gas, I enjoy eating, whereas I gain nothing from buying gas. I would need to adjust to driving around half-naked though, that’s for sure.

Japan’s number one toilet maker TOTO has created a toilet-motorcycle hybrid vehicle that runs entirely on biogas (read: human waste). Theoretically, as long as the driver continues to eat and drink, the motorcycle could run forever! Dubbed the Toilet Bike Neo Project, the campaign is part of the TOTO Green Challenge, the company’s stated goal of achieving 50% reductions in CO2 emissions in bathrooms by 2017 (vs 1990 levels).

Okay, the fact that this is a Green project may also help this shit box take over. Here in los Angeles, I’d be willing to bet it’d be a huge hit. Although it may be better for people in Hollywood if they made this thing run on vomit. You would have a ton of half-naked, bulimic models running the streets happy as all hell they could eat whatever the fuck they wanted and unload it in their motorcycle just to get them to their next “go-see”.

In just 6 days the highly anticipated toilet motorcycle will take off on a month-long journey from Kyushu to Tokyo, making stops along the way to show off their new innovation and to educate people on the various green initiatives that TOTO is undertaking. For the last couple days the TOTO blog has been teasing us with renderings and even a blurred out image of the actual toilet motorcycle. But today – finally! – they have revealed their innovation in full form. Behold: Toilet Bike Neo!

Toilet Bike Neo is also equipped with some other cool functions. It uses residual light imagery to write messages in the air as it zooms by (you can see an example by scrolling down to their Sep 26 blog entry). It can also play music to entertain spectators. Finally, the toilet actually talks. This is a technology that TOTO has been equipping many of their new toilets with. For a complete archive of all the new toilet technology, take a look at these fascinating videos, which include fortune-telling, stock-quote-reading, weather-forecasting toilets.

This is definitely a better technological creation to have been introduced than the iPhone 4S. Sure, the iPhone can talk, but it also uses a lithium battery while this uses the free shit you’re guaranteed to dump, no matter what. Speaking toilet that runs on feces? 1 point. iPhone 4S? None.


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[VIDEO] Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Prank On Christian Show: HILARIOUS

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[VIDEO] The ‘Felonious Munk Presents: Stop It B! OBAMA PAY YOUR &*%$#% BILLS’ Video

First of all, I want to say that I did enjoy this video. Although I don’t completely agree, I also don’t disagree. Also, I could write an extremely in depth and lengthy piece on my opinions, but would rather not bore you unless you’re interested in hearing more. If so, comment and I promise to respond.

Now, after watching this video I must admit that I do agree with the opinions of this gentleman as far as our country needing to balance the fucking budget. In fact, this rant should have been made years ago when we were going to war under Bush and digging our country into the worst economic debt in quite some time. The fact that we’re holding the current president, Mr. Barack Obama, responsible for the mistakes made in previous regimes in the United States of America.

Yes, we do owe money to China. But lets please think about who borrowed that fucking money. Obama has inherited a war that has cost this country an absurd amount of money, a collapsing economy, a resistance from Congress, and yet he’s expected to make everything better? It’s not that fucking simple, and if you think it is, then you should maybe go out and try to run a country that has been in the process of gaining debt for more years than you’ve probably been alive.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that President Barack Obama is the best man for the job, not do I think he’s done everything in his ability to accomplish things that the citizens of this country want. What I am saying is it’s a bit difficult for him to make changes when Congress is constantly going against the changes the President is looking to implement. Let’s also remember the great things he has accomplished instead of focusing on the things he hasn’t been able to because of resistance, time constraints, and the problems that were dumped into his lap. Anyone can bitch about the country and what’s happening, but not everyone can stand up and attempt to do something.

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[VIDEO] Amanda Knox’s Homecoming Speech: Very Emotional

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[VIDEO] Little Girl Singing Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass’: Pretty Damn Impressive

Sophia Grace Brownlee on Ellen DeGeneres

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This little girl is pretty damn good. Shit, I’ve been attempting to learn this and can barely to do so. Her little back up dancer is pretty awesome too.

Youtube descripSophia Grace Brownlee raps to Nicki Minaj – Super Bass


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