Parents Arrested For Allowing Priest To Sexually Assault Daughter, 12, And Two Sons

Jerry and Christina Ham

Jerry and Christina Ham have been arrested for allegedly allowing a preacher who had moved into their home, sexually assault their daughter, 12. Along with that accusation, it has also been claimed that they allowed their daughter and son to have an incestuous relationship (not by choice).

These “parents” were inclined to allow these behaviors due to their supposed religious beliefs. Authorities have claimed that “(t)here’s some strange beliefs in the family, to put it mildly.” Bullshit. What religion would require your preacher to molest and rape your daughter, have your son and daughter be intimate as well as abuse another, younger son? This is more twisted than Scientology, which is pretty much acknowledged as a science fiction novel written by the science fiction author, L. Ron Hubbard, right?…

It’s not?! Wow.

Preacher Larry Gene Martin

Anyway, Both Jerry and Christina Ham of Palestine, Texas have been arrested by police and charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child and engaging in organized criminal activity.

They were arrested following a six month investigation after preacher Larry Gene Martin was held on rape charges.

The 68-year-old is accused of raping the Hams’ 12-year-old after moving into their home in Palestine, Texas.

After his arrest he told investigators he was in love with the girl and wanted to marry her.

Shocked police believe further allegations of abuse involving the family’s two other children, boys aged eight and 12, will be uncovered.

Although Martin wasn’t a preacher at the time, he had previously worked at the Faith Bible Church where the Hams were known to attend. The thing that makes this whole situation worth was not only the knowledge that the parents had, but their willingness to consent to the sexual assault. You are suppose to protect your children. Fuck religion (especially if it preaches such negligence and abuse); That should be an innate bond between your child, the day you decide to have it.


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2 Responses to Parents Arrested For Allowing Priest To Sexually Assault Daughter, 12, And Two Sons

  1. JanCorey says:

    I’ll bet the names of the alleged perpetrators are John and Kim, right?

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