Eight-Year-Old Brat Arrested For Punching School’s Vice Principal

When I was eight, I was busy playing with barbie dolls and worried about running away from boys. This little bitch is acting like a gangster and punching authority figures at her school.

An 8-year-old girl was arrested for punching the vice principal in the chest at her school in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, police said.

Police said the girl punched the 61-year-old man about 8.15am on Wednesday, causing pain.

The girl was arrested for investigation of second-degree assault.

I thought Hawaii was much more relaxed than the mainland, so I have no idea what got this little girl so upset. And I’m sorry, but that vice principal is a weak ass. Who the hell can’t take a hit from an eight-year-old girl? Yes, you may be 61-years-old, but you’re not dead. And the fact that she may be charged? My goodness, are authorities that fucking bored over there that arresting 8-year-old girl’s is what you look forward to? Lame. I hope your judicial system replicates Florida’s and this little one is let off, despite the evidence against her.



One Response to Eight-Year-Old Brat Arrested For Punching School’s Vice Principal

  1. Rebecca Smith says:

    SERIOUSLY ?? A fucking 8 year old?

    Shut the fuck up, what the hell is wrong with America any more? (I am american so that is not an anti-american rant) How the hell are you going to start arresting 8 year olds, and what kind of a twat calls the police when one punches them in the chest. You call DHS, not the fucking police…DAMN it !!!!!

    “causing pain” ?? Yeah usually a punch does that, glass jaw mcgee. I want to know more about this story, and who that total ASS is !! >:( I can’t even imagine how scary it is for a tiny kid to be ARRESTED, when I see adults on TV screaming and crying in fear.

    I would be next, if I was her parent, because I would knock the shit out of that idiot.

    SO WHAT NEXT? arrest a 6 year old that brought a gun to school, or the 5 year old who brought crack thinking it was candy? For God’s sake.

    In Sweden, I think 15 is considered too young to be tried for any crime, which I am AGAINST because 15 year old muslim immigrants come here and commit rape and everything else; but 8 years old? My son was so little at 8 years old. AAAAAAAAAGGGH

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