Asshole Bodybuilder Throws Dog To Its Death From 3rd Floor

Milan Rysa, 30, is the piece of shit that has “allegedly” thrown his dog, Brooklyn, from a 3rd story onto the street below. The┬áChinese Shar-Pei was seen by witnesses being hurled out of the apartment in New York at around 9:00pm. They had also mentioned that he was listening to loud music during the incident.

Although Rysa is claiming he was asleep the whole time, police won’t be too quick to overlook the statements made by witnesses.

A shocked onlooker said: ‘I saw it coming out the window,

‘I heard the yelp when it hit the ground. I heard the thud. It just missed a woman.’

Rysa allegedly looked out of the window and on seeing a crowd gathering near Brooklyn’s broken body, turned off the music and the apartment’s lights.

I am absolutely disgusted by this man. Although this will be the last incident you heard about, there were plenty more that his neighbors have opened up about. The sad thing is nobody said anything to anyone before this all took place. Brooklyn could have possibly been rescued and given to a family or person who cared. Instead, she was tortured her entire life and had it cut shortly by being thrown to her death. What a sick bastard.

The cruel pet owner was charged with aggravated animal cruelty and reckless endangerment, and was taken to Elmhurst Hospital Centre for a psychiatric evaluation.

Some other scenarios that took place while Brooklyn was in the care of Rysa:
He allegedly kept the animal in the public hallway outside his apartment, fenced in by a toddler gate.
They said he let Brooklyn relieve himself on the roof, flinging the dog’s faeces onto nearby rooftops and leaving the dog unattended for hours with the hot rooftop burning his paws.

The neighbour said. ‘The poor thing wanted to play all the time.’

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