Brett Cummins, Weatherman, Wakes Up In Hot Tub Next To Naked Dead Man


In Arkansas, Mr Brett Cummins had woke up in a jacuzzi next to a naked man with a dog collar around his neck…dead. Apparently the victim, 24-year-old Dexter Paul Williams’ body was found on Labor Day after partying at the house of John Barbour.

The owner of the residence, John Barbour, told police he was awakened about 8 a.m. Monday by loud snoring and went to a bedroom and then to an adjacent bathroom, where he found Williams’ body in an empty bathtub alongside a sleeping Brett Cummins, 33, a meteorologist at Little Rock television station KARK.

Barbour told authorities he had invited Cummins, whom he described as his best friend, to his home Sunday night and that Cummins brought Williams with him. They arrived at about 8 p.m., and the three of them “began to drink and use illegal narcotics,” according to Barbour’s statement. Authorities were not sure what drugs were consumed.

What the hell was going on in this hot tub and when the hell are we going to hear about it?


One Response to Brett Cummins, Weatherman, Wakes Up In Hot Tub Next To Naked Dead Man

  1. Brad says:

    John Christopher Barbour is no angel. He has a history of DUI’s and as a matter of fact his drivers license is suspended right now! He continues to party, drink and drive and was even seen at a bar the night of Dexter Williams funeral. How tacky was that?

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