Elite School Principal Took Naps And Molested Children As Young As 4

Robert Benson Adams, 60, was the principal of an elite private school and is now being accused of molesting and fondling seven young girls throughout 15 years of serving as the school’s principal, known to students as Mr. Bob.

The girls who are making these claims were all between the ages of four and seven. The shocking claims are that Mr. Bob would call the students into his office, place them on his lap and touch their rear-ends, vaginal areas, and breasts. The students are not the only ones who have complained about Adams’ odd behavior though. In fact, two teachers recall incidents that made them uncomfortable.

The complaint also cites two teachers at Creative Frontiers School who reported inappropriate behaviour. Preschool teacher April Thompson, told investigators that she returned from lunch one day in June and found Adams lying on a mat next to a 4-year-old girl during nap-time.

The next day, the girl’s parents told Thompson the girl said Adams had touched her private areas, according to the complaint.

Irma Mertens was a volunteer at the school and will also be explaining the perverse incident that she had seen in order to substantiate the claims made by the young victims. According to Mertens complaint, she ‘had witnessed Adams slip his hand under the bathing suit of a female and sodomize her with his thumb.’

Not everyone is appalled be his behavior because not everyone agrees that the allegations are truthful. Many parents of current students are shocked and believe that this is just a smear campaign and that Mr. Bob will be cleared once this case goes to trial.

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