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Man Called Police To Complain When He Received 2 Hookers Instead Of 1

A man from Kansas called the police to originally claim that he had been robbed by two women who were escorts that he had hired online. Later, he fessed up to the fact that he had actually wanted a refund because he had only placed an order for one female, but two had shown up to his residence.

Ahmed Hasnain, 26, was arrested at the motel he placed the call from i Wichita, Kansas in regards to this insanely odd incident that I’m sure the police were thrilled to be involved with. Unfortunately for Hasnain, he had pain the whores, excuse me, prostitues, $160 before deciding that he really only wanted one and demanded they return his money.

He was then arrested by the police for patronizing a prostitute, which is hilarious. Looks likes these hoes will end up costing him a lot more than $160 and he didn’t even get to enjoy the experience. How sad.

Magician hypnotizes 75 Colombian schoolchildren who end up hospitalized

Seventy-five schoolchildren in Columbia had gone to a street circus and seen a magician perform when they suddenly fell under his hypnosis. The event has taken place in the southwestern Colombian town of Mocoa, and residents are shocked and disturbed.

Immediately following the incident, all of the children were taken to the hospital where they were placed in urgent care so that doctors could attempt to figure out what was the cause of their trance-like state.

One of the witnesses recalled,“I don’t know, they were touching their chests and they started to roll around shouting strange things.” The witness also mentioned that “they all began fainting, crying and one girl was screaming things, nasty things.  She said that she saw the devil.”

Although most of the students have become to come out of the hypnotic state on their own, there are about 30 students that are still residing in the hospital because their parents are insisting that the magician reverse ‘the curse’ he placed on them himself. Unfortunately, the magician, as well as two of his assistants have been placed under arrest and are unavailable for the time being.

This is just one of the most bizarre stories I have ever heard. I mean the fact that the magician can be arrested is rather hysterical based upon the fact that they really can’t prove he did anything. Who’s to say that these kids weren’t faking it. Granted seventy-five schoolchildren all organizing a mass hypnosis is highly unlikely, it is still a possibility. The whole story just seems like a badly written movie that was destined to flop and become a horror movie turned comedy through the decades.


Grandpa And LONG Hikes

Christopher Carlson is grandfather to three young boys aged 8, 9 and 12. He decided to take the boys on a hike through the Grand Canyon, which although seemed very sweet, was absolute torture. The hike was 19 miles long and forced upon the boys in 108 degree weather. The Arizona Daily Sun gives a great description of the events:

He is accused of beating them, making them walk on ulcerated blisters, denying them food and water, and forcing them to run up the trail under the intense sun.

According to a complaint filed Tuesday by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Flagstaff, rangers and passersby took note of several instances regarding alleged abuse by Christopher A. Carlson, of Indianapolis, against the boys, ages 12, 9 and 8, on two trips to the Grand Canyon during a summer cross-country trip.

Apparently, this was just one of the many hikes that this loving grandfather took his adoring grandchildren out for. Luckily, the eldest was able to secretly ask for help on the most recent trip, where Carlson was arrested for child endangerment.

The boys told investigators that they had been hit, pushed, choked, pinched, squeezed and whipped during the day’s hike, and that they had vomited several times, sometimes when the man forced their fingers down their throats.

They also said they were not allowed to drink water until they reached Phantom Ranch and sneaked water from the Colorado River, and that they had been limited to little food. Rangers fed and hydrated the boys inside an ambulance.

The boys were also so badly burnt that their lips had been sunburnt off. I had no idea that this was even possible. I’m annoyed when I have them the slightest bit chapped. Thank goodness this grandfather (which I’m still having trouble comprehending) is in jail

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