25 Top CEO’s Made More Money Last Year Then The Entire Company Paid In Taxes

Life is very good if you're Boeing CEO Jim McNerney. He took home $13.8 million - $800,000 more than the aerospace giant paid in federal taxes.

A blog reader (who I should thank) sent me in a video from One Minute News about the 25 Top CEO’s making a higher salary than the amount of taxes the companies they work for are paying. Although I have read this elsewhere, I was just so annoyed that I questioned whether I should even write about it because of how I may go off on a tangent. But, when I received that email I realized that I wasn’t the only one who was frustrated, so here it is.

“These CEOs are reaping awesomely lavish rewards for the tax-dodging they have their corporations do,” concluded the report from the liberal Institute for Policy Studies.

The companies, which include familiar corporate giants Boeing, Ford, eBay, General Electric, Verizon and Prudential, made an average of $1.9 billion in global profits each in 2010.

Tax shelters and clever accounting – 18 of the 25 have subsidiaries in offshore tax havens like Luxembourg – most of the companies actually got an average refund of $304 million instead of filling the federal coffers, the report says.

And their CEOs waltzed off with an average of $16.7 million in salary and bonuses, the group found.

“We have, in short, a corporate tax system today that works for top executives – and no one else,” study co-author Chuck Collins said.

What the fuck?! Are you kidding me?! These guys are finding ways to fuck the government, screw over the blue collar folks and walk away with millions of dollars, all the while bitching about the way the government is currently run and how it’s too liberal and democratic? You are getting away with murder…essentially. If I don’t pay taxes, my life is a fucking hell hole. Excuse my consistent cursing, but this is the most frustrating thing I have heard in quite some time. And considering the state of our economy and politics, that’s pretty damn bad.
These people could easily let go of $1 million dollars and be just fine. They would help the economy, help this country, but instead they shove it into their own pockets and are proud that they have found away to work around and with the system. Any system can be worked with or around, given you have money to begin with. I should probably stop because I could go one forever, but all in all, this is just ridiculous. When people are confused about why our country is in such an awful place, take a look at news headlines such as these. The rich, selfish and arrogant bastards in this country are bringing everyone else down.

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