Newlyweds Steal $1,000 Worth Of Merchandise For Wedding Reception

Brittany Lurch, 22, and Arthur Phillips, 32, were arrested the other day in Pennsylvania after attempting to shoplift $1,049.26 worth of merchandise, according to the Patton Township Police Department.

The two suspects were arrested after hauling 2 carts full of items they had not paid for out to their car that was waiting in the parking lot. The reason for such an idea? They wanted to be able to extend their stolen goods to their wedding guests at their reception. “Lurch, a mother of two, and Phillips were wed a day earlier, on August 18.

While the complaint does not provide an itemized list of goods boosted from Wegman’s, a cop reported that, “the suspects had ordered numerous items from the seafood department.”

That sounds like it was going to be one fancy ass reception; Seafood from Wegman’s, catered completely free of charge! Luckily, they were arrested while they did something together though, which shows the marriage was off to a good start. The misdemeanor theft and stolen property charges, on the other hand, wasn’t such a good way to start this marriage.

This sadly also reflects the state of our economy. I mean, two citizens, straight citizens, want to get married and feed their guests; The only answer when one has no job or money: steal. In fact, who’s to say they weren’t attempting to make a point, like when James Verone robbed a bank for a dollar. Either way, they spent their first night as newlyweds together, albeit in jail, and shared an experience that they’ll laugh at years later!


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