Dog Takes Trip From Utah To Sunny Southern California, Alone

Sharalyn Cooper and her family had been looking for their miniature pinscher, Fadidle, for about eight months when they finally received a call that shocked the entire family. Seeing as the pup was only one-year-old when she went missing, and so much time had passed, it was unlikely that a reunion was in the future for this family.

Thanks to a Good Samaritan, the young pinscher was brought to an animal shelter in San Diego, CA where they were able to check out the microchip that had been placed under the dogs skin. Workers were shocked to see that Fadidle had traveled from Salt Lake City, Utah, over 750 miles.

Soon after making this realization, it was arranged to have Fadidle fly out to reunite with the family that she had been away from for almost a year. Everyone was relieved and gives most of the credit to that of the microchip.

At Salt Lake International, the Cooper family were overcome with joy at their reunion with Fadidle but wondered what could have happened in the eight long months they had been parted from her.

It is their belief that she was stolen.

Other family members joked that Fadidle had even managed to travel further afield than they ever had, with Mrs Cooper’s son Darien quipping: ‘She’s lucky. She got on a plane before even I did!’


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