Ex-Wife Hires Overly Flirtatious Woman To Get Her Ex Drunk and Then Pulled Over To Receive DUI

Of course something like this would happen in the Bay Area, where I was born and raised. What a vindictive bitch this woman is. I mean, she has three children with the man and plots to have him get in trouble legally?! Now the kids know their father got a DUI and instead of spending money on them, he’s paying for legal bills. Here’s some of the story:

MARTINEZ — She was a striking blonde who spent a lot of time in Hawaii, just like he did. She was an avid Sharks fan, just like him. She said all the right things and made it clear that she wanted him.

“I haven’t had sex in so long,” she cooed on their first date.

Deep down, Dave Dutcher — unassuming aeronautics engineer, father of three, recently split from his wife — suspected that his Match.com sweetheart was too good to be true. And when a wildly flirtatious second date ended in a DUI, Dutcher wondered whether his ex-wife was somehow connected to the woman who had fed him shots and invited him hot-tubbing with an equally coquettish friend.

Then, two years later, a major police corruption scandal centered on a Concord private investigator exploded, and a prosecutor confirmed Dutcher’s suspicions: He had been set up.

Now, on Monday, in a Contra Costa County courtroom, Dutcher will get his first chance at redemption: A judge will consider whether the stain from that night — one of the five cases known as Contra Costa County’s “dirty DUIs” — unfairly tinged his divorce settlement. And prosecutors have also taken the extraordinary position that they will not stand in the way if Dutcher wants to withdraw his no contest plea — two years later — and ask a judge to wipe the crime from his record.

On that night, when his date and her friend flashed their breasts at Dutcher, he said he was as confused as the other men at the bar who wondered whether he was some kind of movie producer.

So when the women left in their two-seat convertible and asked Dutcher to follow, he climbed in his Ford four-wheel-drive pickup. He said he watched them run a red light, just before he noticed a police officer was pulling him over. He was arrested for drunken driving with a 0.12 blood alcohol content. Little did the Concord police officer know that Dutcher was being led into a trap.

But, according to court records, the officer who arrested Dutcher had been tipped off by his acquaintance Christopher Butler, the one-time Antioch police officer and private investigator now at the center of a federal grand jury investigation that is also probing the former Central Contra Costa Narcotics Enforcement Team commander Norman Wielsch and three recently resigned cops from Danville, San Ramon and the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office.

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