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Schoolboy shot dead by his psychiatrist mother before she turned gun on herself

Dailymail - A boy whose obesity struggles led him to a school famous for helping kids lose weight was gunned down by his own mother before she killed herself.

Maryland police made the discovery Tuesday after a co-worker of Dr Margaret Ferne Jensvold said she hadn’t been heard from in days.

What they found were the bodies of the well-known psychiatrist, 54, and her 13-year-old son, Benjamin Barnhard, dead in their bedrooms.

Tragedy: Benjamin Barnhard had just lost 100 pounds at the Wellspring Academy when he was gunned down by his own mother in her homeTragedy: Benjamin Barnhard had just lost 100 pounds at the Wellspring Academy when he was gunned down by his own mother in her home

Each died of gunshot wounds, and the state Medical Examiner’s office confirmed Benjamin was slain and Jensvold committed suicide.

Police said that newspapers piled up outside the home indicated the mother and child may have been dead for at least a few days.

Dr Jensvold, who specialised in women’s health, was divorced and living with her son in the upper-middle-class suburb of Kensington.

Benjamin had just graduated from the Wellspring Academy, a boarding school renowned for helping obese teens lose weight.

The school was the centrepiece of the Style Network TV program Too Fat for 15: Fighting Back.

Benjamin, who recently lost 100 pounds, was one of the North Carolina school’s latest success stories.

Shocking murder-suicide: There were no indications of problems between Dr Margaret Ferne Jensvold and her son before, her ex-husband saysShocking murder-suicide: There were no indications of problems between Dr Margaret Ferne Jensvold and her son before, her ex-husband says His father, James Barnhard, said he was proud of his son.

Mr Barnhard said: ‘Ben was a very sweet and loving child… just one of the kindest and sweetest kids a parent could ever wish to have.’

He said he last spoke with Dr Jensvold several days ago to arrange a time to pick up his only son from her house.

Mr Barnhard said he had no indication of any problems between his son and ex-wife.

‘She was always nice to Ben. Sometimes she could get a little frustrated with him, but she was always nice to Ben,’ he added.

Anguish: Jamie Barnhard said he was proud of 'sweet and loving' son, who recently dropped 100 pounds at the Wellspring AcademyAnguish: Jamie Barnhard said he was proud of ‘sweet and loving’ son, who recently dropped 100 pounds at the Wellspring Academy

Robert Baum, Jensvold’s divorce attorney, said his client was a devoted mother who limited her medical practice to care for her son, who had a variety of health problems.

She also insisted that Benjamin’s father receive visitation rights, even after a judicial master said he was inclined to deny visitation, Baum said.

‘Countless people will miss her warmth and compassion,’ Baum said in a statement.

Founded in 2004, the Wellspring Academy boasts a remarkable success rate in the fight against teen obesity.

The program utilizes a focus on academics, personal and group therapy and daily exercise to help students find success.

On average, students lose more than three pounds a week on their program, which is based on decades of research.

Last year, the Wellspring Academy was the setting for the Style Network TV series Too Fat for 15: Fighting Back, following five teens in their desperate bid to combat obesity.

In 1990, Jensvold filed a federal lawsuit against the National Institutes of Mental Health, where she had been a medical staff fellow.

She alleged that a male superior harassed her because she was female and fired her in 1989 before she could complete the third year of her fellowship program.

An eight-person jury found in Jensvold’s favour, but that decision was rendered moot in 1996 when a judge held that she did not have the right to a jury trial and called her version of events an ‘illusion’ and ‘widely exaggerated and skewed.’

‘She’s an incredible person. I know she struggled against significant adversity, personally and in her career, and overcame a lot of hurdles to do some wonderful research and be a really good practitioner,’ said Lynne Bernabei, an attorney who represented Jensvold in her case.

‘I think she had a great compassion for women and improving the lives of women through good health research, and she had a real passion for that,’ Bernabei said.

‘It wasn’t just a 9-to-5 job for her. She really cared.’


Mother allows boyfriend to beat children, her daughter, 3, dies

Kimberly Cantos, mother of two, allowed her boyfriend to continuously beat her children because she preferred to be with him, than not.

On multiple occasions, Cantos would remove the children from their home to go live with the man who murdered, Ginelis, the three-year-old little girl. Michael Jimenez, the now convicted murdered, is serving a life sentence for the murder of this young, innocent child.At the time of her death, Ginelis was also malnourished. This poor child had been through so much in her short three years of life.

Cantos was brought in because she knew that this was occurring and did nothing to stop it. She even left her children alone with Jimenez, who she knew was abusing them. During the investigation, she came clean and revealed that she allowed her boyfriend to beat the youngsters. Because of this she will now only face 1-3 years behind bars, where as she could have faced up to 15.


Warren Jeffs Guilty Of Sexual Abusing Children!

Mugshot: Jeffs after being arrested following the 2009 raid on his church

After a long drawn out trial, Polygamist leader, Warren Jeffs, has been found guilty of sexually abusing the two children that he took as ‘spiritual wives’.

During the trial, the jury was allowed to hear a sex tape that Jeffs had made, which featured himself as well as three wives, including the 12-year-old wife he was seen kissing in photos. In these tapes there was heavy breathing and panting, as well as Jeffs instructing the girl to “Take your clothes off. Do it right now.” They also used DNA evidence to prove that he had fathered the child with a 15-year-old girl who was another one of his spiritual wives.

While he defended himself in trial, he often objected and stated that his religious freedom was being denied. Many of his motions were overturned and ignored. During the time that the sex tape was being played (audio), he objected multiple times and stood in objection throughout the entire tape. The judge and jurors had headphones on so that they wouldn’t be disturbed by his outbursts.

Jeffs also referred to the Judge’s polio, and said that God had given this to her because she was prosecuting a man of God. He said that she would die because of this soon and it was what God wanted. Apparently, God also wanted to see him rot behind bars for the rest of his life.

Warren Jeffs is now facing life in prison and will no longer be able to marry himself or other religious members to young girls within their community. He stood by his actions in the name of religion and luckily no one used this to justify him hurting young women for his own personal benefit.

Happy to see Jeffs gone from the compound, but now, who will take this sick pervert’s place?


Is this Casey Anthony?!

There is controversy surrounding TMZ‘s video that has been released, and can be viewed below. Many people are saying that this can’t be Casey Anthony because she is too thick. Others are mistaking people for Casey Anthony, who are not. One lady was actually hit (by a vehicle, inside her vehicle) by a woman who thought she was Anthony. This seems rather ridiculous and unfair; Especially if this is Casey Anthony and she’s just out shopping, have no vehicles attempt to ram her. Check it out and see what you think:

“Hello Kitty” Devotee Preys On Young Girls

Erik Epperson is a 22-year-old guy living in Indiana and working at a pizzeria. He also considers himself a “Hello Kitty” devotee, and tends to wear clothing and accessories to show his admiration.

Unfortunately, right now he is being held on criminal charges for going to California for the purpose of having sex (or sexual activity) with a minor. The odd part is that he willingly admitted that this information was accurate. He stated that he met the San Diego girl on facebook through a mutual friend of theirs. Epperson didn’t stop there, but continued to tell investigators all of his dirty little secrets.

Epperson copped to having sex with about a dozen other female juveniles and said that he “recorded himself having sexual intercourse” with three girls and took a photo of another girl’s nude vagina “because it looked nice.”

He also, told investigators that he “sent nude pictures of his penis to several girls,” adding that he “could not find any girls over 18 years old to date because of what he believed to be his own 15 year old girl personality.”

And he also told the FBI that he was in the process of joining the Navy “so that he could travel to Japan and see the world.” I have a feeling that he was headed to Japan for something other than to sight see. You don’t get sexually involved with 14-year-old Japanese girls in California, and then plan on going to Japan just to “see the world.”

Epperson will probably never be able to prove me right though, due to the fact that he may face up to 30 years in prison for traveling over state lines to have sex with a minor. He should have waited until he was in Japan; Now he’s the one that’s going to be having sex with older inmates, who are most likely not going to be Japanese.


Man crashes car, covers himself in urine, and hides in toilet

Courtesy of Longview Fire Department - Gordon Flavia got into his Jeep at his condominium building, threw it into reverse and "floored it at a high rate of speed," according to Police Sgt. Doug Kazensky.

Gordon Flavia, 56, was taken to the hospital shortly after crashing his Jeep into a carport at a Longview riverfront condominium yesterday, August 2nd, 2011. But before going to the hospital, he had quite an adventure.

After accidentally reversing into a carport at the condominiums, and knocking down one of the main beams, he decided he must hide. The carport was totaled, and there was sufficient damage to the building he crashed into, landing in their bathroom. The obvious solution? Cover yourself in human urine and hide in a portable toilet. This is precisely how police found Flavia, soaking wet and in a toilet.

Apparently they have to wait for toxicology reports to see if they can charge him with a DUI. I would have assumed that covering yourself in urine and trying to evade capture would be proof enough, or at the very least, a breathalyzer.


Video – Spongebob and Global Warming: Fox Not Happy

Full Article by Gawker

Atheism and Lab Coats

Last surviving man to be sent to Nazi concentration camps for being homosexual dies aged 98

Dailymail - The last surviving person to be sent to a Nazi concentration camp because of his homosexuality has died in France aged 98, campaigners said today.

Rudolf Brazda died peacefully in his sleep yesterday at the old people’s home in Bantzenheim, eastern France when had lived in recent years, Germany’s Lesbian and Gay Association, or LSVD, said.

Mr Brazda was born in 1913 and grew up in the eastern German town of Meuselwitz. There he repeatedly clashed with Nazi authorities over his homosexuality before being sent to the Buchenwald camp.

Nazi Germany declared homosexuality an aberration that threatened the German race. An estimated 10,000 to 15,000 gay men were deported to concentration camps where few survived.

After Mr Brazda was sent to the concentration camp in August 1942 he was held there until its liberation by U.S. forces in 1945.

Following the war he moved to Alsace, the eastern French region that borders Germany, and lived there until his death.

When a memorial to the Nazis’ gay victims was unveiled in Berlin in 2008, the LSVD said it knew of no more surviving ex-prisoners.

They believed that the last surviving prisoner had died three years previously.

But the group said today that after the memorial was unveiled, they were contacted by Mr Brazda, who visited the memorial at its invitation. He became an honorary member of the group.

Mr Brazda was awarded France’s Legion of Honour in April this year as his plight during the war was commended by campaigners.

‘Rudolf passed on peacefully in his sleep at dawn on August 3′ at an old people’s hospital in Bantzenheim, eastern France, said Philippe Couillet, a friend and associate of the deceased.

French local officials said that Brazda will be buried next Monday in Mulhouse in eastern France.

Tens of thousands of people were convicted under Nazi Germany’s laws that made homosexual acts a crime.

Those who were sent to concentration camps had to wear a pink triangle on their prison clothes that identified them as homosexual.

Berlin’s openly gay mayor, Klaus Wowereit, who met Brazda in 2008, said he learned with regret of his death.

‘He is an example of how important the work of remembrance is for our future,’ Wowereit said.

‘Fewer and fewer people can give information about repression under the Nazi dictatorship authentically and from their own experience.’

Nazi concentration camps were set up across Germany by the party’s leader, Adolf Hitler. Jews, political prisoners, criminals gypsies and the mentally ill were also among those sent to the camps.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2022429/Former-homosexual-concentration-camp-prisoner-Rudolf-Brazda-dies-aged-98.html#ixzz1U5VQWhzF

Missing Doll: Cash Reward $500

MISSING LINK: Bonni Marcus holds a flier yesterday in Brooklyn pleading for help finding her lost stuffed monkey, Bongo, and she's offering a $500 reward.

In New York City, Bonni Marcus and Jack Zinzi are frantic over losing their doll, Bongo. So frantic, in fact, that they’ve taken to the streets and started plastering ‘Missing’ posters all over town.

On Sunday night they had decided to go to their favorite restaurant on Fifth Avenue and shortly after sitting down, they realized he was gone.

Jack, 58, told The Brooklyn Paper: ‘I walked over to the restaurant, sat down, ordered the food, and reached into my pocket to put Bongo on the table – and saw that he was gone.

‘I tore the car apart. I was in a bad way. Bongo really means a lot to me, so I kind of broke down.

‘It happened so fast, because I couldn’t have been in the restaurant 10 minutes before I realised he was gone.

‘Somebody must have come along and thought he was as cute as I know he is.’
Jack bought Bongo ten years ago and he has been around since that day, keeping both Jack and Bonni company. Although Bonni and Jack are not together in a relationship, they are great friends and think of Bongo more so like a son.
The fact of the matter is, it’s not a son, they’re not in a relationship, and I’m sure they could buy a new Bongo with the $500 they’re willing to spend on the old one. Change happens and people need to realize that it’s a part of life. The doll has no feelings and isn’t scared and lonely. They should be putting up ‘Missing’ signs for their sanity. Although, that will probably prove as hopeless as finding Bongo, the doll.

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