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Female Babysitter, 20, Sleeps With Boy She’s Babysitting, 14

By: Kelli Knight

Loni Bouchard, 20, was hired to look after a 14-year-old boy, but instead acted as a prostitute, and got paid to get the boy drunk and sleep with him. She is now facing charges of second-degree sexual assault because someone in the boy’s family tipped the investigators off that something had occurred. This launched a 3 month investigation. See, this is where I get confused. She turned herself in! I have no idea how and why this investigation lasted so long and why the tax payers money is funding 3 months of an investigation that should have been taken care of in a day.

Back to the story. Drunk or not, I have a feeling that this 14-year-old boy was thrilled that he had the opportunity to have sex with a good looking older female. Most kids his age dread being babysat, but when sex is involved, I’d be willing to bet he would be much more willing to go with the flow.

Bouchard is also being charged with supplying alcohol to a minor. I find this incredibly ironic, considering that she is only 20, and still a “minor” herself. And at the age of 14, being drunk is just a way to admit your horny and act on it without being so reserved. I think he was a willing participant in the alcohol consumption as well as the sexual activities.

And call me old fashioned, but if it were a girl in this position with a 20-year-old male babysitter, I may be a bit more understanding. Although, Ms. Bouchard may be a little more manipulative than I  gave her credit for:

She is being charged in two separate areas in Connecticut on similar charges.

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Minnesota School District Going To Court Because Of “Wigger Day”

Wigger Day? Seriously, no one thought that this was going to be an issue at this school district?? I understand that some of the older teachers and staff may not be aware of what ‘wigger’ is, but I’m sure SOMEONE on that staff had an idea.

The class action lawsuit has come about because of a “Homecoming event called ‘Wigger Wednesday’ at Red Wing High School in 2009.” This is not to imply that 2009 was the first ‘Wigger Day’, but the plaintiff wanted to ensure that it would be the last.

The plaintiff, former Red Wing High School student Quera Pruitt, an African American, claims that the school’s lack of intervention caused her “severe emotional distress including depression, loss of sleep, stress, crying, humiliation, anxiety, and shame.”…

Pruitt’s attorney, Joshua Williams, says her family hoped the incident would be addressed following “Wigger Day” 2008. While it was never an officially-sanctioned school event, the family discovered “Wigger Wednesday” was something of a tradition.

After the 2009 incident, “[Pruitt's] mom came up to the school, attempted to reach out to the school board, the superintendent, and the principal, but Red Wing’s response was essentially to sweep this under the rug and act like it didn’t happen,” Williams told The Huffington Post.

According to Williams, Pruitt became depressed, quit the cheerleading squad, left student council, skipped her senior prom and even considered dropping out of school.

The district has refused to take any blame for not addressing the issue and is “looking forward” to defending itself in court. Maybe the spokesman STILL doesn’t understand the meaning of the word? It’s not like they’re also having a ‘Bonkey Day’, where students don’t wear shoes, chew tobacco, talk illiterately, and force their black classmates to be slaves. They are both using derogatory terms that are generally used with one ethnicity, replacing the first letter with the colors first letter, that is generally used to describe the opposing ethnicity and completely mocking the stereotypes of said ethnicity.

I doubt Minnesota’s school district is going to be able to defend their actions, although I do assume they’re going to try and state that they were glorifying the black culture and it should be seen as a good thing. Excited to hear the outcome of this one.

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Feds Bust Huge Online Child Porn Forum

By: Kelli Knight

The feds put an end to an online child porn forum that was rewarding members with status, provided they add more images (that they produced themselves) or providing images that hadn’t been seen before. Obviously, this implies that they are given a higher status based on how often they molested children and shared the images with the forum. This is sickening and I’m glad that it was brought to the fed’s attention. Here is a bit from the press release:

Dreamboard members were divided into groups based on status and ranking. The highest level of membership was “Super VIP.”. Individuals who obtained that title had created new images of child pornography by molesting children and shared those images with the board administrators. The next level of membership was “Super VIP,” which was comprised of trusted members of the website. The next level after Super VIP was the VIP rank. Individuals in the lowest level of membership were called Members. Those in the lower ranks could only access a limited quantity of child pornography on the bulletin board. The higher the rank, the more material was available to the member. Individuals advanced to higher levels of membership by providing child abuse images that the individual had produced, providing a large number of images, or providing images that had never been seen before.

As far as how many people were involved, there are more than a hundred, but about 72 individuals that were charged, and 52, arrested.

Thirteen of the 52 individuals arrested have pleaded guilty.  To date, 20 of the 72 charged individuals remain at large and are known only by their online identities.  Efforts to identify and apprehend these individuals continue.

Full Press Release HERE

UPDATE! Girl, 18, is safe after ten-hour battle to ‘remove collar bomb hanging around her neck’






UPDATE (5:49PM – August 3rd): The bomb, after being inspected, is actually a “legitmate” looking-fake bomb. This was an elaborate hoax, and investigators are still working on discovering who was involved. 

Dailymail - An Australian schoolgirl who spent more than 10 hours with a bomb strapped to her by a hooded intruder who broke into her house was reunited with her parents tonight after a dramatic rescue.

Police bomb disposal experts, who had sought advice from British military authorities as they delicately worked to free Madeleine Pulver from the explosive package that had been attached to her, finally freed her from her terrifying ordeal – into the arms of her relieved mother and father.

The 18-year-old girl had been startled by the balaclava-clad intruder who left the device attached to her – as well as leaving, it is believed, a ransom note for her wealthy parents.

Her father, William, is the CEO of an internet share dealing company, called Nielsen Net Ratings and is said to be one of the richest men in Australia.

The drama was played out in the exclusive Sydney suburb of Mosman – home of multi-millionaires, sports figures, stockbrokers and bankers.

Police assistant commissioner Mark Murdoch admitted last night in the minutes after the girl was released from the device that bomb squad officers still did not know how dangerous it was.

But he indicated that it was not a fake device. ‘It was examined right away for explosives and the delicate action we have taken in regard to it shows how serious the situation was,’ he said.

Mr Murdoch said neither he nor the trained bomb squad officers had seen a device like it before.

‘It is a very elaborate device and remains so. Our bomb technicians are one of the best in the world and it has taken them more than 10 hours to remove it.’

The tension that had been on Mr Murdoch’s face throughout the afternoon and evening in Australia fell away last night when he announced at midnight that ‘minutes ago we have secured the release of the young lady and she is safe and sound. She has been reunited with her parents.’

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Earth’s 2 Moons?!



Huffingtonpost - In a spectacle that might have beguiled poets, lovers and songwriters if only they had been around to see it, Earth once had two moons, astronomers now think. But the smaller one smashed into the other in what is being called the “big splat.”

The result: Our planet was left with a single bulked-up and ever-so-slightly lopsided moon.

The astronomers came up with the scenario to explain why the moon’s far side is so much more hilly than the one that is always facing Earth.

This is rather exciting to be making so many new discoveries about the galaxy, but I’m a bit weary to stand by this theory just yet. Many people use to believe that the Earth was flat, and that was understood fact amongst most. Unfortunately, it would be rather difficult to prove that another moon existed and smashed into the other considering it was billions of years ago.

Either way, this is a unique and interesting theory that I look forward hearing more about in the future.

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Boy Strangled Family Friend With Dog Chain and Set Him On Fire As Punishment For Sexual Abuse

Suspect: Flores



Marco Tulio Flores, 17, confessed to police that he strangled and burned Jaime Galdamez, 27, as a punishment for the sexual abuse that he had been enduring throughout his childhood.

Victim: Galdamez

The grisly murder happened on May 23. Flores duct-taped Galdamez’s face and wrists, police said, then used a dog chain to strangle him.

He soaked the victim’s body in charcoal lighter fluid then stole a flat-screen television and two computers, he told prosecutors.

He returned several hours later, leaned in through a window he’d left open and set the 27-year-old’s body on fire before fleeing, police said.

Two families with six children lived in the rooms above Galdamez, and all were at home when the fire started.

The firefighters were able to put the flames out pretty quickly, and no one in the above floors were injured.
Flores had never told any friends or family of the abuse so this came as a shock to them, and is making his case seem suspicious to law enforcement. He has been arraigned on charges of first-degree murder as well as arson. His attorney, James Budreau, has said that he was under a large amount of stress and “had always been a ‘kind and caring’ person before.”
If the victim was in fact sexual abusing Flores, then I believe he got exactly what he deserved and feel bad that a young man had to sink to such levels to make his and the life of others easier. If not, Flores came up with a pretty clever justification for a twisted murder scheme.

Sadistic Father Burns 9-Year-Old Son’s Hands And Shoves Him In Oven

By: Kelli Knight

James Moss, 53, took it upon himself to discipline his nine-year-old son, Christopher,  in one of the most sadistic and cruel manners after catching him steal $20 from his wallet.

In May of last year, James Moss caught his son stealing and took him down to the basement stating that he was going to kill him. After making the small child strip naked, he dragged him upstairs and beat him with a spatula on the back. Christopher was also punched by his father before having his hands held over the lit stove and burning his hands until the skin fell off.

Mr. Moss was still not satisfied with the torment he was causing his son and told him to get into the over because he was going to burn him alive. Obviously, Christopher was fighting for his life and begged for forgiveness, but was ultimately put into the oven.

Luckily, his father let him out and threw him out onto the doorstep of their house, naked. Even the poor boy’s sister was begging her father to let him back inside. Once inside he was treated like a dog and told to sit on the floor, much like a dog.

Shortly after this incident, Christopher’s mother took him to the hospital to be treated for burns and cuts.

While James Moss is facing a possible sentence of seven years behind bars, his son, Christopher, is begging the judge to not lock his father up and saying that he has forgiven him. Sadly, this young child probably just wants his family unit back together, but this man should pay for the sick cruelty he brought upon his son.


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Casey Anthony Spotted in Ohio

By: Kelli Knight

Ohio fan: Casey Anthony, seen here sporting an Ohio State jersey, was photographed over the weekend in the Buckeye State, where she has family

The only reason I’m choosing to post this is because for some reason, people want to know where Anthony is and what she’s up to since being releases from jail.

There was speculation that she would be returning to Florida on a Judges order, but apparently her lawyers are fighting hard to make that not happen.

Her lawyers filed a motion to quash that order, arguing the judge cannot amend his sentence more than 60 days after it was signed in January 2010.

Jose Baez told NBC’s Today show that bringing Miss Anthony back to Florida would just add to what he called the ‘circus-like atmosphere’ around the case.

Another one of Miss Anthony’s attorneys, Cheney Mason, said the motion would place her in ‘great peril’ and force taxpayers to bear a large security expense.

Judge Strickland has now removed himself from this case. He must be overwhelmed and personally conflicted, which is incredibly understandable. Let’s hope that someone new doesn’t come on to this case and release the jurors names, because that would be completely cruel and unjustified, in my opinion.

Disabled Man Dies After Being Left in Van During Heat Wave By Social Worker

By: Kelli Knight

Eason Alonzio, 48, was found dead by police “inside a Ford van parked on Lexington Avenue, in Harlem, but are yet to confirm the exact cause of death.”

Apparently the staff had dropped all of the other passengers off but forgot about Alonzio. He was left in a Ford Van that in 90 degree weather, and it assumed that he died from being trapped in severe heat for about 6 hours.

The worker who was driving this vehicle is an absolute idiot. Mothers who leave their children is sometimes a mistake and I can understand that (somewhat), but someone whose job is to drop off people should most certainly be aware of who is still in the vehicle. Granted New York has been having a heat wave that has left several dead.

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Man Decapitated By Hovercraft He Created

By: Kelli Knight

ARHPTR Oneroa Bay Waiheke Island Auckland North Island New Zealand Aerial

Dr Alastair Kenneth Senior, 40, had made a hovercraft from a kit and was planning to fly it for the first time. Kenneth, from Australia, was with friends and family on Muriwai beach in Auckland. He decided to check one of the propellers when it suddenly came off and hit him in the head.

His partner and good friend were there and witnessed the entire incident. Most people stand by the fact that home made hovercrafts are safe and are currently investigating what led to this incident.

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