Inebriated dad slept in passenger seat while 8-year-old son drove on interstate

ArbroathThe Louisiana State Police said troopers arrested a Hattiesburg man after he let his 8-year-old son drive on Interstate 12 near Holden. State police said they received a call shortly after 6:30 a.m. on Saturday about a green Chevrolet pickup truck driving erratically on the interstate in Livingston Parish. The caller told police that a child appeared to be the driver of the pickup.

Troopers located and stopped the vehicle, and they said a boy was driving the truck while his father, Billy Joe Madden, 28, slept in the passenger seat. Police said that Madden’s 4-year-old daughter was riding in the backseat.

The eight-year-old was driving from Hattiesburg to Dallas because his father was too drunk to stay awake behind the wheel. While most of us would love if people under the legal drinking age of 21 would drive us while we slept, I think eight is a little too young. Also, I don’t know how Mr. Madden assumed that his son was going to know the directions to Dallas, yet alone, how to operate the damn vehicle. I have a feeling that the alcohol wasn’t the only thing contributing to this decision, but stupidity had a big role.

Oh, and you’d be happy to know that his bond was set at an astonishing… $1,474. The Livingston Parish Jail will be his home until he can find a way to get such a large amount of dough. While he’s waiting there, his children have been picked up by Child Protective Services and are waiting to be picked up by a family member. Let’s hope this family member doesn’t make them drive home.


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