Living On Another Plantet

NPR“Elon Musk wants humans to live on other planets one day. But he’s worried about the cost of getting there. So in 2002, he took the fortune he made in Internet start-ups and started his own rocket company. He called it SpaceX.”

Musk is continuing to work on his rockets on launches to try and bring the prices down, to enable people the affordability to make the venture to space. Unfortunately, while he has dropped the prices significantly, they are still at around $100,000 total to send a person into orbit. This means it’s about $1,000 a pound. His goal is to try and get it down to under $100 a pound, which would make it much more realistic.

His competitors, Boeing and Lockheed Martin, are concerned that while bring the prices down, he’s jeopardizing the reliability of the shuttle itself. They have done many more launches; And while they are much more expensive, they do have a much better track record.

I’d like to think that Musk’s shuttle’s are just as reliable and one day he will build something that will enable me to be brought into space at a fairly decent price, but who knows. Seeing as NASA just had their last launch here in the US, I’m a little concerned with the future of space travel for us.


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