States De-fund Planned Parenthood’s Due To Abortions

“GOP lawmakers in four states so far — Indiana, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Kansas — have defunded Planned Parenthood in their 2011 legislative sessions because some of the organization’s clinics provide abortions.”

Abortions are legal and should be a personal matter. Unfortunately, many conservative states do not see it that way and have taken the situation into their own hands. Planned Parenthood has offered many procedures, medications and assistance to women who didn’t have the resources. With the states pulling the funds, it has made it nearly impossible for low-income individuals to be able to even afford medication, yet along a procedure like an abortion. These women should have the ability and freedom to make their own decisions and just because they are lower on the pay scale, they should not be condemned.

These politicians may think what they’re doing is best in regards to the economy and morally, but again, it is not their place to make decisions based on their moral opinions. Who knows what situation could have led to the need for Planned Parenthood’s services (i.e. rape). I am outraged by these states and hope that no others follow in their footsteps.

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